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Life, Death & Sorcery

Amelia Achar is having doubts about everything. She's bored at school, tired of her friends, her family doesn't get her, and she's being haunted by a mysterious phantom voice. With promises of a new life, the voice lures her and her mischievous sisters from home, deep into the woods at the edge of town. The three girls suddenly finds herself engulfed in a world of wizards, mystical crystals and robots - a magical plot a century in the making. 

High school melodrama meets time-travelling space wizards. Life, Death & Sorcery  is a fantasy graphic novel series for people who love rich characters and magical adventure. It's the perfect combination of intimate storytelling, off-beat humor and raucous frenetic action, all from the mind of writer-artist Danny Zabbal.


volume 1

A hundred days in the future

A time-travelling wizard, a teenage rebel, a ten year old genius and clepto kindergartner hijack a magic crystal and get zapped to another world! You'll never read a graphic novel like this anywhere else. Follow the odyssey of Amelia, Coco and Winnie, three sisters that run away from home and embark on an incredible voyage. This is a series that promises rich unforgettable characters and action-packed magical adventure. Drama, humor, and sorcery await in what Rogues Portal calls "a wonderful family adventure that should be considered one of the classics."

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volume 2

Magic is cool

The adventure continues! Amelia, Coco and Winnie explore the wintry world of Balbekah. They make new friends... and new enemies. Every step through the snow bringing them closer to becoming masters of magic.

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...legitimately one of the best books of the year!
— Bleeding Cool